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  • Self-cleaning Functional Molecular Material
  • High Performance Cooking Stove
  • Apparatus For Making Silk Fiber Based Lamellar Bio
  • Electronic Support System For Physically Disabled(
  • Reactor & Catalyst Development For Oxygen Evolving
  • The Third Eye
  • Clubfoot Orthosis
  • Comprehensive Protection From Electrocution
  • She- Society Harnessing Equipment
  • Vajra(vessel Desk)
  • Robotic Dredger
  • Chetna - Celebrate Your Pregnancy
  • Automatic Fish Scaling Machine
  • Spectral Eye
  • Self-cleaning Functional Molecular Material

    Student Team: M. B. Avinash,T. Govindaraju, Carsten Schmuck, Elisabeth Verheggen

    College Name : JNCASR

    Category : Chemistry

    The Ability Of A Surface To Clean Off Its Dirt And Dust By Itself Is Known As Self-cleaning Naturally Occurring Lotus Leaves Possess This Unusual Self-cleaning Property A Self-cleaning Surface Would

    High Performance Cooking Stove

    Student Team: Mayur Rastogi

    College Name : IIT Kharagpur

    Category : Others

    Over 2 Billion People In The World Cook Their Food On Wood Based Cooking Stoves The Smoke Arising From These Conventional Stoves Is Associated With 1 6 Million Deaths Per Year That Is On

    Apparatus For Making Silk Fiber Based Lamellar Biomaterials To Solve Problem Of Lower Back Pain

    Student Team: Maumita Bhattacharjee,Maumita Bhattacharjee

    College Name : Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi

    Category : Biological Sciences & Bioengineering

    A Novel Design Of Silk-based Scaffold Is Developed Using A Custom-made Winding Machine Using Stepper Motors Of Old Tape Recorders The Silk Winding Machine Constitutes Of Two Assemblies Which Are Plac

    Electronic Support System For Physically Disabled Deaf Dumb

    Student Team: Margie Ashok Joshi,Vishal patel, Chirag Patel, Jay patel

    College Name : C.K.Pithawalla Engg. college

    Category : Electronics, Communications & related fields

    Gesture Vocalizer Is A Large Scale Multi-microcontroller Based System Being Designed To Facilitate The Communication Among The Dumb Deaf And Blind Communities And Their Communication With The Normal

    Reactor Catalyst Development For Oxygen Evolving Step In Sulfur-iodine Cycle For Hydrogen Production

    Student Team: Kishore Kondamudi

    College Name : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    Category : Process/Chemical

    The Growth Of Global Energy Demand During The 21st Century Combined With The Necessity To Master Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Lead To The Introduction Of A New And Universal Energy Carrier Hydrog

    The Third Eye

    Student Team: Naveen Kumar Rai

    College Name : Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

    Category : Computer science, Information technology & related fields

    The Proposed Device Will Assist Visually Handicapped People In Navigating The Outdoor Environment It Will Look Out For Three Specific Types Of Visual Patterns That Are Of High Importance These Are W

    Clubfoot Orthosis

    Student Team: KANWALJIT SINGH

    College Name : IIT Delhi

    Category : Others

    Clubfoot Often Technically Referred To As 'congenital Talipes Equino Varus ' Ctev Is The Complex Foot Deformity Which Is Present From Birth And Causes One Or Both Feet Of The New Born Baby To Be Tw

    Comprehensive Protection From Electrocution

    Student Team: RAMDAS M U,Sonu Unnikrishnan K, Ashfaq Muhammed T, Shahin.T.A, Sreelakshmy Suresh and Sruthy


    Category : Electrical, Instrumentation & Related Fields

    The Service Done By Technicians On Distribution Power Lines Has A High Risk Of Accidents One Common Dangerous Situation Which The Technician Is Exposed Is When They Pass Over The Minimum Security D

    She- Society Harnessing Equipment

    Student Team: Manisha Mohan,Rimpi Tripathi

    College Name : SRM Univeristy , Chennai

    Category : Humanities & Social Sciences

    The Project Aims At The Integral Part Of The Society She Who Is The Creator Of This World Who Burns Herself To Enlighten Her Whole House She Who Cares Loves And Nurtures The Manho

    Vajra Vessel Desk

    Student Team: raghunath p lohar

    College Name : Ganesh institute of engineering

    Category : Bioengineering / Biotech

    All Over The Globe From Developing To Underdeveloped Countries There Are Over Billion Of Labors Involved In The Work Drudgery Either In Farm Field Construction Or Industrial Site Etc Their Daily Jo

    Robotic Dredger

    Student Team: Amit Dinanath Maurya,Digvijay Maheshwari

    College Name : IIT Bombay

    Category : Mechanical/Textile

    For The Dredging Of The Sludge We Needed A Floating Object That Would Collect And Dump The Waste It Would Be Very Difficult To Mount A Digger Directly On The Boat Since It Would Affect The Stability

    Chetna - Celebrate Your Pregnancy

    Student Team: Keyur Sorathia,Amit Ranjan, Jagriti Kumar

    College Name : Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati

    Category : Computer science, Information technology & related fields

    India Continues To Contribute About A Quarter Of All Global Maternal Deaths With Assam Being The Highest Contributor Of 407 Maternal Death Per 1 00 000 Live Births Educating Women About Pregnancy Iss

    Automatic Fish Scaling Machine

    Student Team: M.Rajesh Kanna,C.Mathan, M.V.Krishnamoorthy, Mahesh Mithilesh

    College Name : Velammal College of Engineering and Technology,Madurai.

    Category : Food technology

    In General Practice The Fish Scales Are Removed Manually By Knife Wire Brush Etc This May Hurt Our Hands Which Lead To Bleeding And Human Blood Contaminates The Fish Moreover Labours At Fish Mark

    Spectral Eye

    Student Team: Sai Vijay Gole,Saket Choudhary, Yashesh Gaur

    College Name : Sai gole- IIT Madras, Saket Choudhary- IIT Bombay, Yashesh Gaur- DA-IICT

    Category : Others

    Every Year Countless People Die Due To Water Poisoning In A Country Like India Where People Still Do Not Have Potable Water The Onset Of Industrial Explosion Has Worsened The Problem The Chemical